La Royale Gaming Investments

La Royale Gaming Investments Ltd., also known as LRGI is a Maltese holding company that brings together a unique ecosystem of innovative online and offline iGaming enterprises.

Strategic mergers and acquisitions are at the heart of LRGI’s aspirations, aiming to establish itself as dominant force in the iGaming industry by investing in the entire gaming ecosystem.

We emphasise growth within regulated markets, striving to establish a global presence in these markets. Our robust growth drives ongoing innovation in an increasingly secure environment.

Our unwavering commitment to responsible gaming stands as our top priority. We uphold the principle that Gaming should remain an adult-oriented form of entertainment, prioritizing the safeguarding of vulnerable players and rigorous identity verification. Our adherence to legal compliance standards is exceptionally stringent.

What sets us apart?

La Royale Gaming Investments has a 360° perspective encompassing all facets of the online and offline gaming realm.

Online and Offline

We provide customers with a wide range of betting products online across different countries and continents.

Online and Offline


Resource allocation is a strategic strength, enabling us to craft novel wagering products that provide customers with a distinctive and meticulously designed user experience.



Security ranks as our foremost concern, evident in our secure and expeditious payment solutions.


The Leadership – La Royale Investments Group

Dee Maher Photo

Dee Maher

Maher is an industry veteran with a career spanning more than 15 years and covering legal and compliance leadership roles at major organisations including Genesis Global, Betclic, and Evolution Gaming.

Dee has participated in the Medoc and Malta marathons and is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Maxence Bessonnaud Photo

Maxence Bessonnaud
Chief Financial Officer

Maxence Bessonnaud is a recognized Finance Executive in the Entertainment industry.

Previously he was Chief Financial Officer of DNXCORP, a Luxembourgish Internet Group listed on the Stock Market from 2007 to 2021. Before that, he worked for Deloitte in France and Central Europe as a Senior Manager.

Maxence was also the cofounder of Syspay, one of the first Electronic Money Institutions licensed within the EU and of Coworking Marrakech.

Maxence is a triathlete and a sub3 marathon runner.

Boniface Vaneecloo Photo

Boniface Vaneecloo
Head of Sports Betting

Recognized as a leading expert in the online gaming industry, Boniface Vaneecloo has recently joined La Royale Gaming Investments as the Head of Sports Betting. His appointment comes at a time when the company is aiming to consolidate and expand its presence in this business sector.

With a 17-year career in the sports and online gaming industry, Boniface has amassed considerable experience across various roles, including trading and operations. His professional journey has led him to hold senior positions at several major industry firms, such as Betclic, Genius Sports, and the Zeturf Group. These roles have endowed him with a deep understanding of the sports betting market dynamics.

At La Royale Gaming Investments, Boniface is tasked with designing and implementing trading strategies, leveraging his extensive experience in this area. His responsibilities also include overseeing strategic partnerships and the commercial development of the company. In this capacity, he collaborates with key industry players to strengthen strategic partnerships and promote commercial development initiatives aimed at increasing La Royale Gaming Investments’ market presence.

In his new role, Boniface Vaneecloo plays a pivotal part in La Royale Gaming Investments’ ambitions to become a leader in the sports betting sector. His extensive experience in various aspects of the gaming and betting market is a significant asset to the company in its growth and innovation strategy.

Eamonn Faulkner Photo

Eamonn Faulkner
Chief Operating Officer

Eamonn Faulkner brings to La Royale Gaming Investments a wealth of experience and a track record of success in his role as Chief Operating Officer. With nearly two decades of experience in the iGaming industry, his career began at Paddy Power, where he developed a deep operational and commercial expertise within a dynamic team.

After eight rewarding years, Eamonn joined Betfair Sportsbook to lead the Sports Betting Operations team. His tenure at Betfair was distinguished by his problem-solving abilities, streamlining of processes, and improvement of communication across different company departments.
Eamonn’s career took an exciting turn when he joined Matchbook Betting Exchange as Director of Operations, following the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair in 2016. At Matchbook, he played a key role in establishing the Client Operations team, which encompassed Customer Support, Payments & Fraud, Market Operations, and Responsible Gaming.

Later, Eamonn moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, to lead the B2C sportsbook of SB Tech, a leading B2B provider acquired by American giant DraftKings. He then embraced a consulting role in the sports betting domain, advising several U.S. operators on market entry strategies and player value maximization.

Before joining La Royale Gaming Investments, Eamonn served as Director of Operations at a gaming company focused on the Indian market. In this role, he again showcased his expertise in risk management and trading for sports betting, customer support, as well as payments and risk management.

Eamonn’s final step before joining La Royale Gaming Investments took him to Malta, where he served as COO at the renowned casino brand, Videoslots. In this capacity, he oversaw over a third of the staff, with responsibilities spanning Casino Operations, Customer Service, Payments & Risks, Responsible Gaming, and sports betting.

Throughout his career, Eamonn has demonstrated a passion for the professional development of individuals and has thrived in the dynamic iGaming industry, where each day brings its challenges and opportunities. His extensive experience and innovative approach make him a valuable asset to the team at La Royale Gaming Investments, where he continues to promote operational excellence and strategic growth.

Joan Beaufort Photo

Joan Beaufort

Founder and Chairman of La Royale Investments Group, Joan Beaufort is a French entrepreneur born in Alsace in 1988. He is also the founder of JRB Capital Overseas, a holding company based in Singapore. A technology enthusiast, he has founded several companies in the financial IT systems, marketing, connected real estate, payment, and gaming sectors.

The Lancaster Investments holding company, renamed La Royale Investments in 2023, operates in three sectors: gaming with La Royale Gaming Investment, fintech with La Royale Fintech Investments and real estate with La Royale Properties Investments.
Joan Beaufort’s ambition is to share his expertise in digital transformation and innovation, and to develop inventive, disruptive, and secure projects in strategic sectors. Each year, Joan Beaufort invests via La Royale Gaming Investments or La Royale Fintech Investments in about ten startups.

La Royale Gaming Investments is a holding company that brings together a unique ecosystem of innovative online and offline gaming companies. Joan Beaufort’s ambition with La Royale Gaming Investments is to become a world leader in its sector, thanks to a strategy of investment in all areas of the gaming industry, with customer satisfaction as its cornerstone.

With 15 years’ experience abroad and a keen understanding of international digital issues, Joan Beaufort describes himself as a true “web nomad”. Moreover, he invests in his hometown of Molsheim (Bas-Rhin, France), where he rehabilitates buildings and creates local businesses.

Joan Beaufort is a graduate of Oxford University (UK) and holds an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia).